The George Washinton University's Freshman Transition Initiative

Introductory PowerPoint Presentation

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Getting buy-in from all stakeholders—your faculty and staff, the parents of your students, your community partners, and the students themselves—is a tremendous job for any principal. You are responsible for looking at all the challenges involved with keeping all youth in school, ensuring that they are ready for higher education and further training and that they have the skills to become satisfied, productive citizens. You are also responsible for creating a culture of change and school improvement that ensure these goals are met.

In order to best share your school’s vision and mission with your stakeholders, it’s important that a consistent message be presented to all of them. We have created a PowerPoint presentation that you can use to effectively communicate every step of your plan with each group of stakeholders.

This PowerPoint is intended for your use. It can be personalized by incorporating your own local statistics and challenges. The presentation includes: We trust that this tool will be of tremendous help as you set out to best explain your own Freshman Transition course. This is a long--term project that requires time and buy-in. Start with this and consider scheduling a workshop or attending a Freshman Transition Leadership Institute in your area.