The George Washinton University's Freshman Transition Initiative

Approved Curriculum & Tools

Curriculums that meet at least 85% the Course Standards for Freshman Transition Classes

It is important to remember that while career exploration activities is an important subset, such as those described in the Tool Section, a course that meets all the of Freshman Transition Standards is so much more. To have an impact on dropout rates (both high school and college), students need to be exposed to a comprehensive guidance course in which they:
  1. Learn to project into the future and understand the consequences of today’s choices and actions.
  2. Understand how to match academic and educational effort to lifestyle expectations.
  3. Become identity-achieved through contemplation and self-discovery.
  4. Learn and practice communication, interpersonal and self-management skills necessary to succeed in today’s educational and workforce setting.
  5. Identify and plan for the challenges and stumbling blocks that are inevitable in today’s fast pace, competitive world.
  6. Analyze quantitatively, what economic self –sufficiency equals for them.
  7. Become proactive, rather than reactive, in managing the change situations in their lives.
Besides traditional career exploration topics, a Freshman Transition course helps young people understand the challenges and the benefits of a consciously-planned career and life path. Armed with this information, they are far more likely to persevere when they hit life’s “speed bumps.”


The following are tools that have been correlated and validated by international and nationally-recognized counseling and guidance career experts in the field as meeting 50 - 95% of the Course Standards for Freshman Transition Classes. When used in conjunction with a curriculum or materials that meets the complete standards, these supplemental materials will enhance any Freshman Transition effort.

Coin: Coin Educational Products
Career Cruising
Career Solutions
Career Solutions Publishing
Parent’s Planner
Success Highways
The Real Game Series®: Academic Innovations

The Career Choices Series an online 10-year Plan by Academic Innovations has been analyzed by the FTI as meeting 95% of the standards.

Career Choices Series Books

Transition Advisory Pathways has been analyzed by the FTI as meeting 88% of the standards.

Cortez Management Corporation

Get Real! has been analyzed by Freshman Transition Initiative as meeting 85% of the standards.

Get Real!